Time of our Lives: The Best of Kara Cyrus
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Compilation album by Kara Cyrus
Released: October 1, 2012
Recorded: 2001-2012
Label: Blackout Records
Singles from Best of
1. "Can't Be Tamed (Rockangeles Remix)"
     Released: September 20, 2012

Time of our Lives: The Best of Kara Cyrus is the first greatest hits album by pop singer and actress Kara Cyrus, released on October 1, 2012 as the final album in her contract with Blackout Records. Due to conflict with her record label about the release of the album, it was only released in Japan featuring no new material, though some remixes are included. A remix of Cyrus' single "Can't Be Tamed" is included on the album, featuring guest vocals from rapper Jon Magee. The album debuted at number 29 in Japan, and has since sold 32,000 copies in the country to date.

Cyrus has stated that the 'M' on the album title stands for "meaning", as she feels that her music and life have meaning and a purpose.


Shortly following the release of her fourth studio album, Can't Be Tamed, Cyrus stated that she would not release a greatest hits album until "[she] actually had a lot of hit singles under [her] belt." Initially, Cyrus began working on her fifth studio album in late 2007, but later had disagreements with Blackout Records, prompting her to leave the label and form her own label, Untamed Records. Upon leaving labels, Cyrus stated that she was negotiating a deal to buy all of her previous recordings from the label, so they could not release any compilation albums in the future. In 2011, it was confirmed that Cyrus and her former label had come to an agreement, and that a greatest hits album would be released that Winter featuring the unreleased material from her fifth studio album.

Conflict with record labelEdit

Following the confirmation of the album, the head of Blackout Records commented that Cyrus would be touring to promote the album, and that it would be her last album released through the label. Kara herself later stated that these statements were false, and that none of the music from her shelved fifth studio album would be present. She also stated that there would be no tour for the album. Due to Cyrus' battle with the label, the greatest hits album was shelved. The album began making waves online yet again in 2012, which marked the tenth anniversary of Cyrus' debut album. It was eventually announced that Cyrus and the label had agreed to release Time of our Lives: The Best of Kara Cyrus in June of 2012, though another feud formed between the label and Cyrus, thus the album remained unreleased. In September of the same year, Cyrus stated that the album would only be released in Japan, and that it would feature no new material. She did, however, state that she had worked hard to make sure the album was more than just a greatest hits, and stated it would feature numerous disks, bonus DVDs, and memorabilia. When asked about the album, Cyrus has stated that she was "annoyed with the way that [Blackout] handled it, but [she] was ultimately happy with the final outcome." With the release of the album, Blackout Records signed the rights to all of Cyrus' music over to her and her Untamed Records label.

Release and artworkEdit

Time of our Lives: Best of Kara Cyrus was released in Japan only on October 1, 2012 through Blackout Records. There were initially two editions of the album; the standard edition and the Ultimate Fan Deluxe Edition. The standard edition featured three different albums. The first album was Cyrus' favorite and most popular songs, while the second was a remix album. The third and final album was comprised of songs that featured Cyrus on guest vocals, excluding the charity single "Send It On" which could not be used for copyright reasons. The Ultimate Fan Deluxe Edition features all of these albums along with two DVDs and tour memorabilia. Also included with the Deluxe was a copy of every CD single for Cyrus' singles, as well as the promotional singles. Though both versions are available on Amazon and eBay, they have not been officially released outside of Japan, though Cyrus has hinted that this may happen in the future. Both versions of the album feature the same cover art, which is simply a white image of Cyrus with a large red 'M' on the cover. When asked on the meaning of the 'M', Cyrus stated it stood for "meaning," which she felt her music had. She also stated the cover stems from an argument she had with the head of Blackout Records, in which he stated that she "wouldn't be able to sell as well on her own", to which Cyrus responded "My fans would buy an album from me if it just had my face on it."

Critical receptionEdit

Time of our Lives: The Best of Kara Cyrus received generally positive reviews upon its release. Japanese magazine Weekly Tunes gave the album four out of five stars, calling it "a nice throwback to the success Cyrus has had in the entertainment industry" as well as "the influence she has had on today's music." Richard Simmons of The US Weekly stated "I wish I coul get my hands on a copy of this album without having to wait for international shipping, because it is awesome!" He later said that it "shows how talented she really is, and she can stand on her own." Edie Bricks praised Cyrus for putting a lot of effort into the album, saying "Cyrus turned what Blackout hoped to be a quick buck into an album that all Cyrus fans should truly put into their collection. She is a true artist, and she has definitely proven that with this collection."

The album's lack of release outside of Japan did cause some negative reactions. Jason Dowell stated "What is the point of working that hard on an album and then only releasing it somewhere where they don't even speak English?" Janice Robinson stated "Her attempt to rebel from her former label only hurt her in the end, as the album will remain forgotten by fans and critics." Glozell Briggs defended Cyrus' decision, however, stating "Cyrus definitely showed Blackout that she calls the shots in terms of her career, and I think that she is a strong woman and she inspires me." Chad Rogin said "Kara is a superstar, and she pulled a diva move by releasing the album just in Japan. Is it a little crazy? Yeah. Did it prove her point and make her look like a total bad ass? Absolutely." He later gave the album eight out of ten stars. Daniel Med also praised the album, referring to it as a "well put together collection that's fun to listen to anywhere you feel like." He later gave the album three and a half stars out of five.

Commercial performanceEdit

Time of our Lives: The Best of Kara Cyrus debuted at number 29 on the Japanese Oricon Albums Chart, higher than both Cyrus and Blackout Records had anticipated. Due to a lack of promotion the album quickly declined the charts, selling a total of 32,000 copies to date. It is Cyrus' lowest selling album. The 10,000 copies that were produced of the Deluxe album sold out, and account for nearly 33% of the total sales.


The album received no promotion at all from Cyrus, with the exception of a few tweeets from her personal account informing fans of the release. Numerous advertisements were created by Blackout Records featuring music video clips from her past singles played over the "Megamix" featured on the album. The "Rockangeles" remix of "Can't Be Tamed" was released to Japan radio stations on September 20, 2012 and received minimal airplay. The song, which first topped the Japanese Singles Charts in 2006, re-entered the chart for three weeks due to the release of the remix, but it failed to have much of an impact. The "Megamix" track was released to Japanese clubs for airplay, but didn't receive much airplay. The original "Can't Be Tamed" CD single was re-released in the country to include the remix as well as the "Megamix", though this also failed to have much success due to the lack of promotion.

Track listingEdit

Number Song
1 Kara Speaks
2 See You Again
3 Make Some Noise
4 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
5 The Climb
6 Party In the U.S.A.
7 Fly On the Wall
8 Breakout
9 7 Things
10 Time of our Lives
11 Obsessed
12 Talk Is Cheap
13 Can't Be Tamed
14 Who Owns My Heart
15 Robot
16 When I Look At You
17 Two More Lonely People
18 Liberty Walk
19 My Heart Beats For Love
20 Every rose Has Its Thorn
21 Lilac Wine
Number Letter
1 Kara Speaks Part II
2 Can't Be Tamed (Rockangeles Remix) (featuring Jon Magee)
3 See You Again (Rock Mafia Remix)
4 Fly On the Wall (Da Brozz Remix)
5 Liberty Walk (DJ Reflex Remix)
6 Who Owns My Heart (Rock Mafia Remix)
7 Party In the U.S.A.(Raggaeton Remix)
8 7 Things (Bimbo Jones Remix)
9 The Climb (Dark Intensity Remix)
10 Megamix
Number Letter
1 Kara Speaks Part III
2 Ready, Set, Don't Go
3 Butterfly Fly Away
4 We Belong to the Music
5 I Thought I Lost You
6 We Got the Party
7 I Wanna Know You
8 Gonna Get This
9 Wherever I Go
10 Love That Lets Go
11 Need a Little Love
12 Nothing to Lose
13 Overboard
14 Morning Sun
15 Decisions
  • The third disk features songs performed by other artists that feature Cyrus on guest vocals.


Charts (2012) Peak
Japanese Oricon Albums Chart 29

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